Lamadi is a village on the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania. Barry and Barbara Young, two of our members set up a charity Reg. no.1119853 in 2004.

When Barbara and Barry first went to the village the people were digging holes in the ground to get their drinking water which then had to be boiled to make it drinkable. The school had few facilities,broken desks, the children sat on the broken floors or on rocks, no water not enough classrooms, the list goes on..The Methodist Church, individuals within the church along with Whirley Junior school have helped us in the past to install:

  1. Two new wells.
  2. A water collection system at the school.
  3. A new classroom,with good flooring to a number of classrooms along with new desks.
  4. A complete new toilet block with tiles for easy cleaning.Renovation to the existing toilet block.

The village now hopes to set up a skills centre for the young people when they leave school to enable them to improve their chances of employment.