Pastoral Care

We look upon Pastoral Care as one of the most important roles in our Church community.
Our caring is a sign of God’s love and serves as a witness to others that Christians have something special to offer.

Under the leadership of our two Ministers a team of pastoral leaders each share responsibility for a small group of church members as well as non­-members.  They meet together twice a year and often informally to discuss any concerns they have about people in their group.  They keep in touch with members especially the elderly and vulnerable and those who can’t get to church as well as those who are ill or in hospital, anxious or in trouble.  Any urgent concerns can be passed to the Pastoral Secretary who will then get in touch with the appropriate person.

The Ministers visit hospital patients and people in nursing homes as well as those who are housebound, sometimes taking Holy Communion to them.

In this way we try to ensure that no­-one is overlooked and that everyone is cared for.